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Fires in aircraft freight holds caused by lithium batteries for consumer electronic equipment
has been a growing worry for airlines, particularly in the last decade. Read more..

It identifies the airframe as bearing registration PK-MZK, and serial number 2807, and says
that it was trying to land in poor weather on 7 May after a service from Sorong’s Domine
Eduard Osok airport from where it had departed at 12:45 eastern Indonesia time.
Operating as flight MZ8968 the 56-seat aircraft, manufactured last year, was carrying 21
passengers – among them three children – and a crew of six: two pilots, two flight attendants
and two technicians.
While the aircraft was expected to land at 13:55, says the ministry, it had to wait for an
improvement in the “very bad” weather at Kaimana airport, which included “heavy rain and
strong winds”