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As part of the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain in the ‘90s, the 300 year-old Shepherd Neame Brewery in Kent ran a hilarious themed advertising campaign in support of their proud new “Spitfire” Ale product.

A taste drawn from waters of the Kentish soil over which the WW.2 generation fought the crucial battle for air dominance, the historic Shepherd Neame Brewery has sought to reflect the classic nature of that event.

Combining the bitter orange marmalade taste of Kentish hops offset by sweet biscuit caramel malts and with a peppery dry finish, combines to provide a taste as finely tuned as its iconic namesake.

All of us who appreciate the humour here, as much as the taste, will no doubt be using military pensions to buy this excellent beverage – have one for me………!