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Safety, like quality is systemic. Risk needs to be methodically assessed and associated procedures clearly documented, socialized and implemented. A systematic review process with corrective action reporting needs to be built in.

Operational and Technical Quality & Safety (Q&S) Reviews

The AMS Group has conducted approximately ‘4500’ such ad-hoc audit reviews world-wide the majority being for Oil and Gas Industry Clientele using checklists based on IOGP Aviation Management Guidelines and the associated regulations of the major Civil Aviation Authorities such as the UK CAA, US FAA, ICAO and EASA. A detailed Client listing is provided in the link ‘About Us’ 

Continuous Surveillance Program

Where an ad-hoc audit review reveals systemic non-compliance with industry standards as predicated by IOGP guideline criteria, a cycle of reviews may be initiated comprising a mix of periodic Q&S reviews and unscheduled follow-up verifications to ensure the corrective actions offered by an Operator is satisfactory for closure and compliance to the standard.

Operations On-Site Surveillance

If a more intensive Air Service Provider (ASP) surveillance program is deemed necessary, in accordance with the IOGP Guidelines, a company Aviation Safety Assessor (ASA) may be retained for daily on-site Q&S reassurance monitoring.

Aviation Support Services Management

The ultimate On-Site Surveillance whereby air support operations are managed directly by the Company on behalf of the Client in sourcing, qualifying, contracting and maintaining operational oversight of ASP services throughout a contracted period.

Contract Review

The key to Quality and Safety of air operations is in contracting an ASP with operations specifications in accordance with IOGP industry standards detailed in the Contract Exhibits whereas Operators participating in any associated Tender can make adequate cost provision to ensure their operations Q&S performance can be maintained throughout the contracted period.

Note: AMS have developed aa ASP Contract Template document based on IOGP conditions, which can be made available upon request.

Tendering Assistance

AMS has developed a Contract Matrix Selection Program to provide an impartial assessment of the Tender process. Operators will submit competitive Bids against predicated Contract Exhibits which will be assessed by the program which is designed to ensure the selection of the optimum Bid and provide the Company with a quality cost-effective operation.

Aviation SOP and ERP Review / Development

Client Contract Operations Specifications define the type and quality of the required ‘Scope of Work’ (SoW) from an aviation service provider. The Operator SOP shall define the method and shall be a bridging document between the Company and ASP by which they will fulfill that requirement. This manual should be a Contract-specific supplement to the Operator suite of Operations Manuals.

The Air Operator ERP shall detail policy and procedures for dealing with any emergency situations which may occur. In the early stages of any contract, this will need to be aligned with the Client ERP.

Safety Management System (SMS) and Management of Changes (MOC) Development and Training

AMS has extensive experience in providing assistance with the development and integration of SMS and MOC for both major air-operators and Clients alike, including provision of training programs with the all-important socialization.

Independent Accident & Incident Investigation

Incidents will occur. In a quality operation, proper investigation will ensure lessons learned are applied with a view to accident prevention. The use of experienced independent third parties will ensure objective conclusions are obtained free of any protective slant or internal pressures.
In the event of an accident, government and insurance investigating teams have very different perspectives. The former is litigative, the latter commercial. Neither is working in the interest of the end-user Client as is the function of the independent third-party investigator. AMS has considerable experience of the conduct of such investigations on behalf of international IOGP Majors world-wide and has participated in excess of ‘600’ investigations including major fatal accidents.

Expert Witness Legal/Litigation

The AMS Group have provided Clientele support in Legal and Litigation cases as expert witness following accidents and incidents, fraudulent aircraft spare parts and documentation in Singapore, Indonesia, United Kingdom & United States with 100% success rate to date.

Airline, Aircraft & Operator Risk Analysis (RA) Studies

Prevention is better than cure. The AMS Group has developed weighted matrices which score quality and safety indicators. For an Airline, where contracts are limited to single tickets or block-bookings, the contract value is deemed insufficient to open their doors to Quality and Safety review by other than the Regulatory Authority. As such, RA studies are based on public sector information which, thanks to the internet, can be extensive. AMS Group has established a number of associated Safety Indicators which when entered into the weighted matrix, can be scored. For Charter operations, contract values are such as to allow Reviewers full access allowing a more precise measure of Safety criteria, hence a more definitive result. Using a different set of criteria, weighted matrices may be used to assess the capability of different operators and/or aircraft types against specific tasking.

Helideck Configuration Design & Compliance Inspections : AMS Hold DGAC Certification Approval

Over a score of years, AMS Assessors have inspected several hundred helidecks world-wide. These can be against IOGP or other Operator criteria. However, the in-house developed check-list based on UK CAP-437 guidelines is recommended as being simple yet comprehensive, thus highly user-friendly.

Ground-crew Training Courses

  • HLO & HDA (3 /2 Days)
  • Helideck Crash Management (2 Days)
  • Dispatcher (2 Days)
  • Jet-Fuel Quality Management (1 Day)     
  • Radio Operator and Flight-following (4 Days)
  • Dangerous Goods Familiarization (1 Day)
  • Load-lifting familiarization (1 Day)
  • Offshore RO Met Observer (1 Day)
  • Aviation Familiarization for end-user Managers (1 Day)




Market studies

to thrive, any business must constantly seek to expand its commercial horizons. In aviation, each new market has fresh regulatory and commercial challenges. The AMS Group global perspective allows an objective analysis for a Client of the impact of the former and the potential of the latter. In addition, within Asia at least, in-depth regional knowledge of the industry will allow the resulting objective framework to be overlaid with more subjective but valuable local information.

Aviation Business Plan preparation

as former senior aviation managers, the Directors of AMS have first-hand experience in developing new-start airlines and operations. Hence, as an extension of the above Market Studies, the Company is able to prepare a detailed commercial review including route planning, P&L assessments, cash-flow analysis and recommendations as to optimum aircraft types for the proposed sectors.

Route Planning / Scheduling, Feasibility Studies and Planning

typically provided as an Appendix to the above, such services may also be separately contracted.

Aircraft Type Comparative Analysis

a desk-top cost-efficiency study comparing different aircraft types on any given sector / tasking. Typically part of the above route planning, it can also be done as a separate project, particularly where the use of helicopters for crew-change or other specialist taking is concerned.

Aircraft Valuations

aircraft have a Book Value based on age and cycles and a Fair Market Value based on hull condition and technical status of serialized components as well as regulatory compliance. These two objective criteria are overlaid by the subjective influence of market forces. The AMS Group has a systematic approach for the assessment of these diverse influences so as to ensure for a Client the purchase of the right aircraft for their needs at the optimum price.

Asset Management Consultancy

as an extension of the above, this allows a regular review of aircraft market values against returns on given sectors in order to ensure an operator a satisfactory return on investment.

Aircraft relocation & recovery

all too frequently in developing regions, Air Operators are inadequately financed and so unable to grow their business leading to early foreclosure and the need to recover leased aircraft. In many countries in the Asian region, AMS has the local knowledge and contacts, including with the Regulatory Authority, and so is able to facilitate the recovery process.

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